“I thought Alex with TPI was extremely knowledgeable and thorough. He explained everything he discovered and told me what to look for to determine if any issues would worsen. I would use TPI again and refer my friends.”
- Bret Richards
“I was referred to TPI by a friend, and couldn’t be more pleased with their service. I called Steve Friday, and him along with Fred and another employee were there the following Monday. The next afternoon my inspection report was in my in box. They walked me through the entire house and explained each and every detail to look for. They are very professional and made me feel as though they were personally invested in our home buying process. I would recommended their services to any friend or relative.”
- Austin Myers
“On a followup telephone call, after the inspection, Nathan answered all my questions and concerns about the house I am considering purchasing. He took the time to explain what I didn’t understand and helped me to understand what areas I might be concerned about and what areas are not of a concern but more about small repairs that have nothing to do with the safety or overall structure of the house. In this case, he assured me that this older home is safe and just a few things need to be fixed. Other items are a matter of wanting certain items to look better and/or function better and are not a safety concern. My picture was much clearer and the concerns about the repairs that will have to be made were greatly relieved.”
- Millie Wester
“We were very impressed with the final report we received. Problems were clearly documented with photos, including thermal images in some cases. Thorough, clear and professional. Highly recommended.”
- Kevin Davis
“TPI was very professional and thorough. Concerns were shown and explained. I received the complete report the afternoon of the inspection.”
- Janet Stine
“Alex was extremely professional and courteous. We would not hesitate to us his services again.”
- Tom and Marta Swanner
“Nathan did a great job. He was very courteous, professional, and informative. He answered my questions and explained various terms and procedures respectfully and intelligently.”
- James Williams
“Steve Jolly was very thorough and professional. He took the time to show us pictures of areas that were not easily accessible and did a walk through with us to show us any areas of concern. He was very down to earth and he explained things in a manner that was simple to understand. I would highly recommend TPI!”
- Janette Johnson
“Alex did a great job! It was a pleasure working with him.”
- Tom Leishman
“Many thanks for your inspection report on our new house, Alex. Very well done! Truth be told, I had my doubts that it was worth it to pay for a home inspection on a brand new house. But your keen eye and attention to detail caught several discrepancies. And it will give our contractor two days to correct the problems before we do our final walk-thru on Wednesday afternoon. I will specifically be checking to be sure that these discrepancies you highlighted have been addressed and fixed. Again, many thanks for a great job!”
- Andy & Connie Duffie
“I just wanted to send you an email to thank you for providing such a thorough and detailed inspection. I am very impressed and very grateful for your efforts. Because of your detailed inspection of the roof and your findings and report of the area of hail damage I added that too the list of additional items we requested from the seller. The seller was skeptical at first because they said the inspection from the previous buyer (that discovered the A/C issues) mentioned nothing about hail damage. But after they had a roofing specialist come out to inspect the roof he came to the same conclusions you did. Thanks to your thoroughness they have contacted their insurance company who inspected it again and agreed to replace the entire roof! Thank you, I will definitely be recommending you to all of my friends who are in the process of buying a house!”
- Sarah Ezell