Introducing TPI Services, LLC: Inspection Repairs Done Right

One of the challenges prospective homeowners face when trying to purchase a house is finding out, after paying for an inspection, that their dream home has some significant flaws. On the bright side, this means the inspection met its purpose of uncovering concerns. The downside of this, however, is that the home may need repairs in a hurry for the deal to go through. 

To answer this call and fill this important niche, TPI is happy to introduce TPI Services, LLC. TPI Services is a companion general contracting service that will partner with our inspection service to help buyers and sellers alike get repairs done fast. Repair needs found during an inspection by TPI Inspectors will be discussed with both the home buyer and TPI Services contractors, and then executed quickly to keep the real estate transaction moving forward.

Starting on Monday, September 20th, TPI Services can now handle any repair issue noted by our qualified inspectors to ensure prompt, correct repairs. TPI Services is located right here in College Station and is available to make inspection repairs throughout Brazos County. 

Our goal in creating this companion service is to help home buyers and sellers have the best real estate experience possible without the delays that scheduling home repairs can cause. 

Now, there is one more reason to call TPI when looking to buy a house. Not only can you get a thorough, honest inspection, we now have skilled contractors ready to make repairs right away, too!