Mold Investigations and Inspections

Mold is everywhere, indoor and outdoor. They are not harmful unless they grow inside buildings, causing health and structural issues. Our licensed and trained team at Texas Professional Inspections can identify mold and its growth conditions using effective testing and screening procedures to determine the type of mold and airborne spore concentration.

Stand Alone Mold Inspections

Our stand-alone mold inspections involve taking general samples from your building to determine the presence of mold. These inspections are designed for those who have concerns about mold in their building but do not need a full home inspection. With our thorough inspection, you can have peace of mind knowing the air quality in your building is safe and healthy..

  • With Home Inspection – $295
  • Stand Alone – $495

Stand Alone Comprehensive Mold Inspections

We also offer in-depth evaluations when mold is suspected or when favorable conditions for mold growth are present. Our inspectors are trained to identify the source of any mold and provide recommendations on how to remediate the issue.

  • Starting at $895 – based on size

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